Poor Site Design Can Hurt Your SEO

A Beautiful Site and a Search Friendly Site can be Very Different Things.

What is Poor Site Design in Terms of Wix SEO?

Although SEOs do care about website aesthetics, more often than not, when we talk about site design, we don't mean how "stunning" the appearance of your site is. Instead, we mean how user-friendly the design is, what factors are affecting the site loadspeed and whether the design is in line with Google guidelines.

Often, the most difficult part of an SEOs job is explaining to the client that some aspect of their site which they are particularly proud of is actually hurting their SEO and costing them page rank and revenue.

The following is a short easy list of poor design choices, at least some of which are hurting your SEO right now.

Page Footer:
There is room for plenty of design error in the page footer. For example, often this is left completely empty, or the site owner has neglected to delete the "Proudly Created by Wix" text in the footer, or worst of all, the owner has placed a group links to external websites in the footer (because the page footer appears in every page, these links to external websites appear on every page of your site, meaning your site can be mistaken for a spam website by Google. Not a lot can hurt the SEO of your site more than being mistaken for a spam website. 
Video on the Homepage:
Does the homepage of your Wix website contain a video you are particularly proud of? A lot of time, effort and expense went into producing it and now it does a great job at explaining your brand, product or service? 
Unfortunately, no matter how stunning the video appears, if it is placed on your homepage, it is costing you in terms of site loading speed and therefore hurting your SEO, and here's why. Google themselves say that site visitors generally don't wait longer than 3 seconds for a site to load, because slow loading sites contribute to a frustrating user-experience. Google don't want users of their search engine to experience frustration, so they are very hesitant to place sites with slow loading homepages anywhere near the top of their search results. Because the Wix video player takes some extra time to load (compared to static images or text) the extra time your video takes to load adds unnecessary delay to your site loading speed, which ultimately can cause your site to be considered a slow-loading frustrating experience by Google.
Ready discover what your actual site loading speed is? Here are 2 free tools I recommend:
1- The first pagespeed testing tool is Google PageSpeed Insights, provided by Google, analyzes both your mobile and desktop versions of your site and then generates suggestions to make your site faster.
2- The second pagespeed testing tool I recommend is named Wix Turbo. As the name suggests, it has been created by Wix specifically for the testing of Wix websites.
I recommend you use both to learn everything you can do to reduce your loading speed.
No Contact Details:
If something goes wrong with a product of service you provide, who should the customer contact? That's something potential customers want to know, and it's something Google wants to know too! In their Search Quality Rating Guidelines, Google make it clear that the contact details of some person/ customer service department should be clearly listed in your contact us page.
If you only have a P.O. Box or an anonymous contact form listed there, it's difficult to expect Google to completely trust that you really will be there to resolve any issues that may arise for your potential customers when using your product or service, and when Google can't trust you like that, they will hesitate in ranking you very highly.
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